Angelo Cirillo
Angelo Cirillo Licensed Real Estate Agent 0407 452 083 Email

Angelo’s aim is to push aside the idea of traditional real estate norms and instead replace them with a magnetic excitement that favours modernity, inclusiveness and balance.

An inclusive, modern and vibrant professional who is ready to lead and support his clients.

Deliberate in his approach with an outstanding ability to form strong and open relationships. Angelo thrives upon what he does, and this is evident in his communication, conversations, connections and marketing.

Recognised for his innovative marketing strategies, he lets his reputation speak for him, and it speaks volumes.

Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas Licensed Real Estate Agent 0412 335 078 Email

A true modern agent, not only in the way he conducts himself and his business, but also in his approach to client relationships and the industry itself.

Confident, rugged, magnetic, creative, original and purposely spontaneous.

Upon first impression, the word ‘rugged’ may sound unfitting for a modern and inclusive agent, however it is Nathan’s rugged personality that delivers his clients the rare & unique dimension of honesty, leadership and strength.

It’s recognised that his strength lies in the unity and empowerment of his team as well as the broader community.

“in this new decade you can’t rely on past success, you have to be the most relevant now and offer incredible insight”