When you interact with SOUL, what you find is an agency that is full of tangible positive energy that seems to flow from the guys at the helm Nathan and Angelo. Both are boisterous and confident and while they may appear as though it’s all fun and games, they are taking everything very seriously and they really know their stuff. What would any agency be without its amazing team, and in typical SOUL fashion, you’ll find more than just worker bees you find a family that works together to smash each other’s goals to succeed in everything they put their hand to. A dynamic young powerful team that will be the future of a new style of real estate. When you collaborate with SOUL, you’re left with a boost of determination and energy, they help to build each other up and ensure that those around them feel empowered as well. When you meet with any of the Soul Property Agents crew, you’ll discover a team that thrive on connecting with people of all walks of life and reflect the Soul vibe of positivity and understanding.

Angelo Cirillo
Angelo Cirillo Licensed Real Estate Agent 0407 452 083 Email

Angelo is the Ying to Nathan’s Yang. These boys are like an old married couple and it works! Approachable, you will often see Angelo chin wagging with the neighbours about the weather, the footy or how much real estate has changed!

Angelo’s aim is to push aside the idea of traditional real estate norms and instead replace them with a magnetic excitement that favours modernity, inclusiveness and balance. This is why he’s recognised for auctioning, marketing and negotiating the best real estate in the City.

Deliberate in his approach with an outstanding ability to form strong and open relationships. Angelo thrives upon what he does, and this is evident in his communication, conversations, connections and marketing. An inclusive, modern and vibrant professional who is ready to lead and support his clients.

Recognised for his innovative marketing strategies, he lets his reputation speak for him, and it speaks volumes.

Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas Licensed Real Estate Agent 0412 335 078 Email

One half of the duo that created SOUL, 20 years in the game & hoping to be known for his significant contribution to real estate in 2680 the crew know Nato more for his Air Jordans, refusing to wear a collared shirt and random Spotify playlists. He is definitely the glass is half full full type of guy & can change the energy of a room in an instant. Innovative & a true modern agent, not only in the way he conducts himself and his business, but also in his approach to client/team relationships and the industry itself, he is forever changing the goal posts (annoying yes but exciting at the same time, just ask Angelo).

Confident, rugged, magnetic, creative, original and purposely spontaneous. It is Nathan’s dynamic personality that delivers his clients the rare & unique dimension of honesty, leadership and strength. It’s recognised that his strength lies in the unity and empowerment of his team as well as the broader community.

Macy Spencer
Macy Spencer Head of Client Experiences 0473 779 726 Email

Was Macy destined for real estate, or was real estate destined for her? Her Pop Ron and Father Wayne were both auctioneers before her, so its no surprise either way! SOUL’s newest addition, her happy and composed demeanour will see her achieving great things very quickly! Making sure everything runs on time & nothing get past Macy. When she’s not keeping Nathan & Angelo focussed on their game, find Macy cranking up the country tunes and belting out a love song!

Patrick DiFiore

For starters everyone should know Patrick is literally just out of school and for the moment he may seem quiet and reserved, but once we mentor him out of his shell, he will be a force to be reckoned with. A real estate tragic, he volunteered initially and then just hung around so long we had to start paying him! We have no doubt Patrick is the bright future of the industry with aspirations to have Nathan & Angelo working for him. Patty is the guy with a huge smile welcoming you into our open inspections, the master of first impressions

Maddi Joyce
Maddi Joyce Client Relationships Manager 0400 957 163 Email

Maddi has known she was meant for real estate since the first day she started building valuable relationships with our Clients. Why? Because she tried to leave the industry once and realised how much she missed us! Maddi brings her bright and bubbly personality into everything she does lightening up those serious situations with her wonderful sense of humour and incredible ability to solve challenges. An ex-dancer it’s not unusual to find Maddi busting a sly move when the sax player hits the solo.