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One half of the duo that created SOUL, 20 years in the game & hoping to be known for his significant contribution to real estate in 2680 the crew know Nato more for his Air Jordans, refusing to wear a collared shirt and random Spotify playlists. He is definitely the glass is half full full type of guy & can change the energy of a room in an instant. Innovative & a true modern agent, not only in the way he conducts himself and his business, but also in his approach to client/team relationships and the industry itself, he is forever changing the goal posts (annoying yes but exciting at the same time, just ask Angelo).

Confident, rugged, magnetic, creative, original and purposely spontaneous. It is Nathan’s dynamic personality that delivers his clients the rare & unique dimension of honesty, leadership and strength. It’s recognised that his strength lies in the unity and empowerment of his team as well as the broader community.