Some things change

A throw away comment? Some things change, while some things stay the same. Yet on reflection, this is true for so many things, especially real estate.

At a recent discussion at Soul Property Agents HQ with Nathan Thomas & Angelo Cirillo. We poured a nice drop (read into that what you will), hit record and dug deep into what we thought about how “the game” has changed.

Griffith Real Estate Agents, Griffith Real Estate Agencies and the market in general are maturing. Homeowners, sellers and buyers of 2680 are among the most dynamic clients in the nation are influencing change, and rapidly.

Once the days of kings lording it over peasants, handing out parcels of land and lordships to those that pleased them passed. The Industrial Revolution opened the door to a world of education and the ability to experience more than what one’s ancestors ever did. Including the ability to buy and sell their own land and property.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia was established nearly 100 years ago. As the first governing body to bring about uniform practices and formal education for the real estate market in Australia. The majority of these practices are still very much relevant today. So the basic principles of buying and selling homes and property through a third party haven’t changed.

So, what did we discover you ask? There was a lot to unpack, but two main points resonated with our souls.

1. Expectations have changed. And,
2. It shouldn’t be a game at all.

Let’s look at number two first, it is after all, the most important factor. There is so much emotion attached to selling or purchasing property, it is an exceptional experience in life and in no way should a buyer or seller ever be considered just a number as part of a game.

There are so many stories attached to each home that is passed to a new keeper. A home built by your parents when they first married, that you were raised in and was cared for every single day, or a home that you worked hard and invested in so that you could begin an investment portfolio. A home that you and your partner purchased and established your very own family in.

Every story is unique and special to each person involved. We value these stories so much; we find them magnetic. We’re compelled to have you share these moments with us, yes we work for you but the story behind the sale or purchase is what we consider most throughout your entire journey.

Which brings us back to our first point; expectations have changed.

Our lives move faster than ever, we all want access to everything on demand. Our music, television, memories and yes, even real estate. How does being “on demand” work in Real Estate?

It’s as simple as connecting with you when you need us in your preferred way of communicating.

Looking for a property from another city, or from across the globe, curious about a detail we mentioned late at night? Having information available at your fingertips is vital, and technology ensures that we can provide this to you quickly and efficiently.

It is true, some things change, while some things stay the same.

Time is now more than ever our most valuable asset. So we aim to be available when it’s convenient for you and empower you to have control in the process that you are going through by ensuring we are transparent and flexible.This is the culmination of our two main points about how Real Estate has changed, it’s not the process, it’s the participants and we believe it’s a change for the better.

We want to talk about what matters to and what you’re interested in reading. If you have a suggestion, tell us!